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Tunetanken Stationsvej 9 6600 Vejen +45 7697 3000 salg@tunetanken.dk

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Special assignments

– Our customers have always been in the center of our business because it is in collaboration with them that we create value in the daily operations and on the bottom line.

The possibilities are endless with close collaboration.

As operations, production machinery and operational challenges differ in different corporations, the same product don´t always meet the same needs. At Tunetanken we always work in close collaboration with our costumers so that we always can fulfill special needs for adaptation and functionality. Our products are produced in fiber reinforced composite materials that are flexible with great freedom of design. This means that we can solve every conceivable job and tailor the solution to create the most value possible. The possibilities are endless, so contact us and to hear what possibilities you have and how we can create value in your daily operation and in the future.

Every single product is unique

We also handle jobs that lies in a natural extension of our product range and where we can contribute with our almost 50 years of experience in composite materials. This enables us to provide complete solutions, where we handle the complete task – from idea generation and development to production and mounting. In this way we create solutions where the different elements are naturally connected and as a whole solves several issues at once. We have produced elements to windmills, covers for storage tanks, coatings, pumping wells and ventilation vents.

Assignments that we have solved

  • Special wells
  • Windmills
  • Coatings
  • Covers for storage tanks
  • Bio storage tanks
  • Vats and basins
  • Etc.