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Danish produced quality since 1968

-Since the start of Tunetanken in 1968 our business model has always been with the interest of the costumer in focus. We create effective and safe storage-, transport- and cleansing solutions for our customer’s everyday use with a constant focus on quality and innovation.

1960 – Tunetanken is founded

In 1968 Tunetanken is founded by Børge Christensen together with the two brothers Helge and Karl Hovad. These three resourceful men invented a new method for manufacturing spherical, corrosion-free, underground storage tanks in fiberglass. Even though environmental protection wasn´t such a central topic in society as it is today. There was a notion that underground storage tanks for heating oil etc. was a ticking time bomb for the groundwater reserve. The spherical ground tanks were produced in glass fiber reinforced polyester, which made them resistant to corrosive content, this together with the spherical form that made the tanks resistant to the pressure from the earth in different kinds of soil, made the first production of these spherical ground tanks on Børge´ s farm property in Tune a huge success.

1970 – Tunetanken expands

The opportunities of the new fiberglass production method and the entrepreneurship of the three founders´ leads to Tunetanken in the early 70ties expand the product range with silos for the agricultural sector. The first six silos are delivered in 1973 to a chicken farm in Esbjerg. This development is crucial for the success of Tunetanken, as the agricultural sector develops into one of Tunetankens biggest individual markets. The solutions that Tunetanken offers have from this decade forward been an influence on the Danish agricultural sector.

In this decade Tunetankens activities raises, due to the development of new product types and an increase in demand form existing and new markets. As a consequence of this the production and administration is moved to its current location in St. Andst between Kolding and Esbjerg.


1980 – Danish quality across the border

During this decade Tunetanken establish itself as an important actor on the Danish market. Increase in the demand of Danish quality products from foreign markets. It is especially from the other Scandinavian countries and Denmark´s other neighboring countries. Where there is a rise in the demand for durable and seal free silos and tanks. Therefore this decade sees the solutions provided by Tunetanken crossing the border in earnest, creating value. Especially Sweden, Norway and England become important export markets.

The interest in solutions in Danish quality abroad combined with the generally positively reputation of Denmark. Has had crucial significance for the development of Tunetankens business base. As other Danish companies in the following years starts to move their production abroad. Tunetankens decides to keep the production in Denmark, to ensure the quality in the products reflects the Danish standards. For the benefit of costumers on both sides of the Danish border. Because after 50 years on the market it is still Tunetankens experience, that it improves quality and reduces delivery time, to have product development and production close to each other.

1990 – Tunetanken passes its test by the whether

In this decade Tunetanken becomes supplier of root components for the windmill producer Vestas. The durability of the material makes the solutions resistant to climatic impacts and therefore it is suitable for the windmill industry, as these needs to be resistant against the harsh Scandinavian whether conditions. In 1999 Denmark was hits by a hurricane in December, once more Tunetanken passes the test by the harsh Danish whether. As only 6 out of 15000 Tunetanken silos sustain damage, most of these damages is caused by falling trees, loose roof tiles etc.

In this period the iron chloride dissolver is introduced as part of Tunetankens product range. The dissolver is mainly sold to waste water treatment plants in Denmark and Sweden, where they are used in the process of precipitating phosphate form the waste water. The Tunetanken dissolver becomes popular due to the resistant of the material against the corrosive nature of the content as well as the earth pressure, as most of these dissolvers are installed underground.

2000 – Tunetanken invest in development and export

After a decade of growth and expanding to new business areas Tunetanken expands the old buildings in St. Andst in the beginning of the new millennium. The new buildings that mainly house administration stand ready for use in 2001. In 2002 Tunetanken ventures into a new area of business, the sewage treatment industry, with the renovation of old sewer wells. This development leads to collaboration with Per Aarsleff Rørteknik A/S, where a groundbreaking system of renovating old sewer wells is developed. The new system enables the installation of a new fiberglass well inside of existing wells. This was especially popular with the Danish municipalities, as this saves the cost of new wells as well as the construction and excavation work.

During this decade the focus on export also increased. In this point in time Tunetanken had several regular export markets, but chooses to strengthen the effort further to become established especially on the German market. The efforts yields export to among others Singapore and Yemen. The silo program also gets developed in this period and in 2006 a record size 75 m3 feed silo and 215 m3 gas tight grain silo is introduced to the product program.

2010 – The business strengthens with innovative solutions

The increased focus on new developments continues in this decade. 2010 sees the launch of the Tunetanken salt silo, which is further development of the iron chloride dissolver. Especially the German market sees an increase in demand for a salt silo with a dissolver that ensures a precis and efficient mixing process. In 2012 Tunetanken launches the new FullFlow outlet, which provides an efficient emptying so old fodder doesn’t accumulate and diminish the fodder quality. In the same year Tunetanken also launches a new feed tuyere which accommodates the new needs for modern supply trucks. The new system deceases the blow-in time with 40 % while retaining the fodder quality, thus ensuring savings opportunities in the general logistic.

In 2012 Tunetanken acquires the company Fiberteam in order to strengthen the service department with the competence to better maintaining and renovating fiberglass tanks improving customer service. In 2013 Tunetanken once again strengthen the business be getting approved to make after the EU 10/2011/EC regulation. This new approval gives the costumer guaranty for full control over approved commodities and that the solutions don’t leak residue by contact with food items. This new approval is especially well received by Tunetankens costumers in the Food processing-, medicinal- and cosmetics industries.

Today – Denmark´s leading supplier

The ambition to develop quality solutions that create value in the costumers’ everyday use goes back to 1968. Since then our quality demands and specifications reached industrial grade and Tunetanken today is one of the leading producer of fiberglass tanks, industry systems and silos.

The costumer in focus

With more than 50 years’ experience working with fiberglass unique advantages and its unique properties, and a wide standard product program we have developed our markets position as the leading Danish producer of fiberglass tanks, industry systems and silos.

Our employees are experts in fiber armed composite materials and their unique properties, but it´s in collaboration with our costumer that we create the most valuable solutions. Therefore the need of the costumer is integrated into the whole process, from idea to development, production, installation and service, so that every product is tailored to its specific use. Through this process we create our tanks, industry systems and silos so that they ensure safe and effective operating conditions in our costumers working environment.

Development in focus

At Tunetanken development is in focus because it is important for us, that our solutions are useful today but also in the future. Because a safety in the future use of our solutions is a safety in our costumers’ investment. Therefore quality and product development has always been and still is a key factor for our success. With the production located in Denmark we have full oversight of the development process and security in that our solutions are manufactured to our high demands in quality and functionality.

A strong actor

All solutions provided by Tunetanken are manufactured in robust fiber-armed composite materials, for example fiberglass armed polyester and vinyl ester. Every product is designed with careful thought so that the materials already unique properties work in synergy, to produce properties such as extreme strength, corrosive resistance and minimal maintenance. This combination of unique properties not only makes the solutions suitable for storage and transport of many different mediums, but also gives the solutions a long life time even with demanding conditions as contact with corrosive liquids and high temperatures.

Endless opportunities

As operations, production machinery and operational challenges differ in different corporations, the same product don´t always meet the same needs. With our flexible material we have the necessary design freedom to tailor the solution, to meet the costumers’ specific needs regarding functionality or design. This design freedom together with our experience from many different lines of industry gives us the ability to solve most special jobs, which lies in a natural extension of our product range.

Our big know-how, durable fiber-armed composite materials and innovative solutions makes Tunetanken your guaranty for Danish produced quality, developed for optimize your operating conditions today and in the future.

Here is our production located.