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Welcome to Tunetankens secondhand market

Here you find the used silos and storage tanks we at the time has in stock.

This overview is updated continuously with influx and outflux of silos and storage tanks.

Vælg produkter
Gastight silos (11)
Outdoor silos (57)
Aboveground storage tanks (13)
Auger house (2)
Blow-in-pipe (46)
Bottom outlet (29)
Cyclone (28)
Flange spigots (2)
Ladder (3)
Lifting eyes (9)
Manhole (28)
Pressure relif valve for over and under pressure (3)
Saddles (2)
Steel fixture (46)
Steel railing (2)
Top hatch (7)
Ventilation hood (14)
Ventilation pipe (28)
Rumfang (m3)
6.5 (1)
8 (1)
12 (1)
12.5 (3)
13 (1)
15 (1)
16 (6)
20 (7)
21 (1)
26 (3)
50 (3)
55 (1)
60 (3)
92 (1)
100 (1)
Diameter (mm)
3.350 (1)
30 (1)
1600 (2)
2100 (1)
2200 (2)
2400 (12)
2500 (3)
2900 (1)
3350 (1)
3500 (1)
4000 (1)
6000 (1)
Total længde (mm)
5400 (1)
8000 (1)
Total højde (mm)
13.500 (1)
4000 (1)
5000 (1)
5500 (2)
5600 (1)
5700 (1)
5850 (1)
6000 (4)
6100 (1)
6300 (2)
6450 (4)
6700 (1)
6760 (6)
6800 (1)
7100 (1)
7150 (1)
7300 (3)
7450 (1)
7550 (3)
7660 (2)
8000 (1)
8750 (1)
8900 (1)
8970 (1)
9350 (1)
9900 (1)
10000 (2)
10420 (2)
10750 (1)
11130 (2)
11140 (1)
12600 (7)
13000 (2)
14000 (1)
14500 (3)
18500 (1)

Secondhand market

Derfor brugtkøb ved Tunetanken

  • Alle produkter er gennemgået og renoverede af
  • Du undgår uoverskuelige renoveringsudgifter.
  • 1 års garanti.

Læs mere om alle fordelene her

Used silo or storage tank at Tunetanken

Tunetanken have in more than 50 years specialized in the production of a large range of products in fiber reinforced composite materials, and today we are a significant European supplier. A purchase of a used silo or storage tank at Tunetanken is therefore characterized by not compromising on nether quality or service, and at the same time you can acquires a used silo or storage tank at a favorable prize.

In other words you get a used silo or storage tank that are examined and renovated by professionals with many years of experience in fiber-reinforced composites unique properties. Hereafter the silo or storage tank are completely renovated, this ensures you a fixed low price on used silos and storage tanks that are completely ready for use. Moreover we provide the security of a one year warranty on all our used silos and storage tanks.

In our inventory there is always a large selection of used silos and storage tanks in stock this provides a good opportunities for we have the right solution for you, so that you can start using your product as soon as possible.

An environmental and sustainable way of thinking

At Tunetanken we buy the used silos and storage tanks from the farms or companies after which we renovate and sell them again. When you buy a used silo or storage tank a large part of the product are therefore reused.

Fiber-reinforced composite are an environmental friendly material that can be totally or partially reused. The material can moreover decompose and reenter in nature’s natural cycle.

You can read more about what we do for the environment here.

Optimal storage and outlet solution with a used silo from Tunetanken

Most of our used silos are produced by ourselves, which ensures that we thoroughly know the product and can guarantee a number of advantages by choosing a used silo produced by Tunetanken.

A used silo from Tunetanken are whole-cast in a material of the highest quality and are developed with the intent of providing the ideal conditions for filling, storing and efficient emptying as well as giving your “new” silo a long life time.

You can see our selection of used silos here.

Get a robust storage solution with a used storage tank from Tunetanken

Many of our used storage tanks are produced by ourselves, which means that we thoroughly know the product and we can therefore guarantee a wide range of advantages by choosing a used storage tanks produced by Tunetanken.

Used storage tanks from Tunetanken are the ideal solution for storage of many different solutions. If it is for agriculture or industry, above or under the ground there is a strong possibility we have the right solution for your project in stock.

You can see our selection of used storage tanks here.

Contact us if you need a special solution

Do you need something specific and have you been on the lookout for the right used solution for your project? In this case we have a large product program that we can produce for your exact project. We have a large expertise in adapting our products and with our professional counseling we will find the solution that meets your exact needs.

You can see our product range of new products for AgroIndustry eller Energy her.

Otherwise, you are always welcome to contact our sales staff at +45 76973000 or by filling out this contact form.