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What are cookies?

A cookie is a text-file that is stored in your browser used to recognize your computer on repeated visits. These facilitate the recognition of your computer and gather information about which sites and functions that are visited with your browser. Cookies don’t store information about whom you are, what your name is, where you live or is the computer are used by more than one person. A cookie is a passive file and doesn´t contain virus.

Different types of cookies

Some cookies, session cookies are only stored on your IT-equipment as long as your browser is open. Other cookies, persistent cookies are stored on your IT-equipment in a longer period. If you return to a website the cookie will normally be renewed automatically. A cookie is deleted after 2 years if it isn’t renewed.

Often cookies from other parties than the owner of the website are stored (third-party cookies). These can be cookies with normal function but also with analysis tools and embedded comment fields.

What are cookies used for on our website?

We use cookies to determine who has visited our website as well as user related statistics. This gives us the opportunity to adapt and create content and services that complies with your and other users´ interest and wishes.

We also use cookies to create targeted online ads. The same is applicable in relation to analysis and similar endeavors. In all advertising formats we record if you click on the delivered ads.

How to reject and delete cookies

You can always decline cookies on your computer by changing the settings on your browser. Where the setting functions are located depends on the used browser. However, your need to be aware of that if you decline cookies there is many functions and services on the website that can´t be used. Because they require that the website remembers the choices you make. How you delete cookies depends on what browser you use. Use the following links for guidance to your browser.

When you visit this website without declining or deleting cookies you have accepted its use.

Changes in the policy

We reserve the right to change or delete this cookie policy without prior notice. The applicable version of this policy can be found on the website.

For more information on cookies, see The Danish Business Authorities´ website: https://erhvervsstyrelsen.dk/cookies