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Approval for use in food production

-Tunetanken is one of few Danish produces of fiberglass that are approved to deliver storage tanks and silos for storage of items in food production after the EU regulation.

Approval for use in food production

With a Tunetanken approved storage tank or silo your company can maintain the necessary security in the food production and thereby ensure a high quality I the production. Our products are approved for contact with food items according to EU regulation 10/2011/EC which among other things ensures that the products don´t releases residue or color by contact with different types of food items and aids.

Our products are produced in fiberglass reinforced polyester and are suitable for food items, as the material has a longer life time than similar alternatives and is resistant against corrosion from corrosive content as acid for protein production, vinegar to pickle herring and salt solutions. Moreover our products are rust free, which is a crucial advantages for food producing and medicinal company’s as it enables a high level of hygiene in the production.


  • Approved for the delivery of storage tanks and silos for food contact ( EU regulation 10/2011/EC cf. EU 1935/2004).
  • Rust free containers in fiberglass reinforced polyester.
  • Longer life time than similar alternatives.