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Tunetanken Stationsvej 9 6600 Vejen +45 7697 3000

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-silos, storage tanks, industry pipes, chimneys, pumping stations etc.

Customized industry solutions

-silos, storage tanks, industry pipes, chimneys, pumping stations etc.

- tailored to your exact project

Unique and durable solution I fiber-armed composite materials

- tailored to your exact project


Outdoor silos, fodder silos, gas tight silos and storage tanks for the agricultural sector. Tunetanken silos and storage tanks are whole-cast in fiber-armed composite that have a long life time making it the ideal storage solution for a variety of materials.

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Efficient and reliable solutions for variety of different purposes in the energy sector. With more than 50 years of experience we are capable of delivering solutions among other scrubbers, chimneys, smoke- and air vents, purification of dangerous fumes and wood pellet silos.

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Standard- and specially designed solutions for industry in fiber-armed composite. Tunetanken produces including silos, horizontal and vertical storage tanks, industry pipes, chimneys and module tanks. Tunetanken is approved for delivery of products used in food production.

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– Danish produced quality

With more than 50 years of experience in the unique advantages of fiber-armed composite materials and a large standard product program we developed our market position as the leading Danish manufacture of storage tanks, industrial systems and silos in composite materials. Fiber-armed composite products are also known as “Fiberglass”.

At Tunetanken all our solutions are produced in fiber-armed composite materials – the same materials that are used in the production of space shuttles, airplanes and windmills. With advantages as strength, corrosion resistance and a long life time composite materials are among the favorite materials of the future. The modern composite materials are the materials of the future.

The innovating and the unmatched material technical properties contribute greatly to the development of the new sustainable products and solutions that are needed for a sustainable future.

Tunetanken have a large and varied program of products and solutions for a variety of purposes. Tunetanken supplies products for many different lines of industry including agriculture, industry, waste water and treatment plants and the energy sector. Every product is tailored to its specific application, thus ensuring that our storage tanks, silos, industry systems, module tanks, scrubber solutions, smoke- and air vents and chimneys etc. provide safe and efficient operating conditions for our customers.